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The FOT-250 series make the OTDR technology available to all levels of fiber optics verifications in a lightweight, compact and easy-to-use integrated unit. Three pre-configured models of FOT-250 satisfy all applications from short-range access to long-range transport network construction and installation, FTTx, Metro fiber networks maintenance.


·      Remotely control the instrument via Internet

·      6.4” advanced anti-reflective TFT LCD for viewing clear results under bright sunlight

·      Convenient one-button testing

·      High-speed signal processing, less measurement time and faster result analysis

·      USB port, SD card slot and Ethernet Port

·      Compact and lightweight

·      Shock and water proof, lithium battery to provide more than 10 hours working time.

·      Linux operating system for easy upgrade

·      Input Optical auto-detection and self-protection function

·      Optical Connector Connection Alarming function

·      Self-calibrations function

·      Automatic mode for the new users

·      Windows style file management system


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