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HUXCleaner is Pen Type In-Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner and it is no need to open the frame for ferrule cleaning inside of Adaptors. In the Fiber Optic Communication, the ferrule is used as final interconnect parts which is transfer light signal through optical fiber. The ferrule cleaning is the most important basis in the interconnects to prevent any signal error. Specially the back reflection specification which is issued more tightly at these days depend on any dust or oil, etc.

Special Features
* Pen Type: First in the World (Patent under Application No.0008107)
* About 500 cleaning by 1 HUXCleaner
* No need open the Frame for ferrule cleaning inside of Adaptors
* Used advanced cleaning fiber which has better suction of water and oil than present swabs.
* Easy and Simple and Pocket Portable
* Window for showing remain cleaning fibers
* For 1.25mm (LC, MU) and 2.5mm (SC, FC, ST) ferrule type Cleaning is available
* Minimum 1/5 Cost Saving than Swab.

Housing Material

Plastic or Metal

Cleaning Ferule


Cleaning Fiber

Special Yarn





Cleans per unit

500 times



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