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Optic Fiber Cleaning Kits | Download
FibreOptica offers a complete solution for fiber end-face cleaning - Optic Fiber Cleaning Kits (FFC-KITs). Using the Optic Fiber Cleaning Kits ensures all fiber end-faces are clean before every optical connection. The Optic Fiber Cleaning Kits have the best tools to effectively remove the contaminants with ease. All cleaning materials are lint-free and enable an optimal wet and dry cleaning process. The handy fiber microscope with 200 times image zoom is a very convenient tool to view the end-face and confirm the cleaning result. It can also view the APC type of end-faces with an APC adapter.
Key Features
  • Contains everything needed to eliminate contamination that causes trouble for fiber connection.
  • FFC-100, a Fabric Dry-cleaning without volatile residues and harmful substances. It is a packet-sized cleaner and the cover slide opens leaving the clean weave ready to clean the connector.
  • Various sticks are designed to fit many styles of connector ports.
  • Also its anti-static materials can keep dust and particles away from your connector.
  • The handy fiber microscope with 200 times image zoom and an adapter for viewing the APC type of end-faces.
  • A used fabric cartridge can be easily deposed and replaced with a new one.
  • Rugged carrying case stores and transports all cleaning tools safely.
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