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Host Unit of CAM System


Key Features

  • Various setups can be done using the CAM system management PC
  • It will automatically save the received warning messages, turn on the alarm, transfer the alarm message to System Management PC and display, and forward it to pointed contact numbers.
  • Alarm can be stopped manually
  • Able to recall the latest 10 recorded warning messages.
  • Able to search for forwarded phone numbers
  • Recording message - for security reason it needs entering a correct code before processing the recording.
  • Self-test - it will real-time check key chipsets to ensure the Host Unit works properly.


Monitoring Capacity

999 Remote CAM Units

Alarm storage

Keep the latest 10 messages

Forwarding contact numbers

3 numbers and can be extended to 8 numbers

System responding time

< 30 seconds

Communication with Remote CAM units

DTMF via PSTN network

Communication with CAM System Management PC

9 pin RS232 serial port

Input Power

AC 50Hz 220V +/-10%

Power consumption

< 6W

Operating Temperature

-10~40 Degree

Relative Humidity

< 80%

Dimension (mm)

307(D) X 298(W) X 138(H)



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