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Cable & Wire Anti-Theft Monitoring System - a system capable of monitoring cable & wire connectivity 24 hours, protecting cable & wire to be stolen and maximally saving the asset.
Telecom and hydro companies have suffered huge asset loss every year due to the cables and wires stolen. Therefore a system is very much desirable that is capable of monitoring cable & wire connectivity 24 hours, sending warning messages within the shortest time to inform the pre-pointed administrator when the problem occurs and simultaneously reporting the position accurately. FibreOptica's Cable & Wire Anti-Theft Monitoring System (CAM system) is the perfect solution to meet the customer requests. CAM system can detect, calculate the distance accurately and send warning messages to multi contacts within as short as 10 seconds. Alerting police and the security department in such short time buys significant time to catch the criminals.
CAM system includes three components - Host CAM, Remote CAM and System Management Software installed to a PC.
  • The Host CAM is the core responsible for transferring information between Remote Units and the System Management PC. It can receive and save voice calls and warning messages sent from the Remote Units via PSTN network; it can then forward the message to the pointed contact numbers (fixed line, wireless or pager) or the System Management PC upon request.
  • The Remote CAM is responsible for real-time monitoring cables conditions conjunction with various measurements and analyzing the situation. It can be installed anywhere near MDF inside CO or remote CO. When identifying the cables are cut, it will generate a warning message with information of accurate position and voice message within 10 seconds to the pointed contacting numbers, and simultaneously send the same messages to Host Unit via PSTN network.
  • System Management Software can require and check information saved inside Host Unit at anytime. It can generate and print a report. It can remotely control and set up parameters of Remote Unit.
  • CAM system is a smart and much cost-efficient solution. It can minimize the loss and maximally secure the service for the user. This system is not limited to Teleco cable anti-theft monitoring; it can also benefit a hydro company to protect its power lines from being stolen.


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