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FOX-600CQM | Download

FibreOptica’s FOX-600CQM is a new generation cable qualification tool - TDR (Time Domain Reflection). Adopting high end (True 32-bit) ARM chip to cooperate with FPGA technology is in favor of performing the complicated operation and judging the faults wave fast and correctly. Furthermore, the optimal design reduces the physical size significantly by 60% - a true mini type.
FOX-600CQM can be widely used in the communication installation, maintenance and general wiring. It can troubleshoot not only the local Telco-cable, but also data cable, high frequency cable, coaxial cable, electrical power cable (no service) and so on. Its high sampling rate makes the measurement dead zone less than 1 meter. Its color LCD display provides a sharp graphical user interface for easy operation and showing intuitive results in graphs and histograms. This makes it a straightforward, user-friendly test solution.
FOX-600CQM is the ideal tool for a field technician installing and maintaining all kinds of communication cables.

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